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Travis "Wind Walker" Custalow

Tribal Council

My name is Travis Wind Walker Custalow, the oldest son Terrie Custalow, grandson of Curtis K. Custalow, great grandson of William and Elsie Custalow. It is my great honor to be a member of your tribal council. I was fortunate enough to grow up at the feet of my grandparents on the reservation, learning traditional skills and crafts such as hunting and fishing, pottery, and beadwork. Throughout my life, being Mattaponi has always been a great source of pride and I have always taken every opportunity to educate those around me on who we are and where we come from.

As a councilman, my top priorities are the preservation of our culture and traditions, while creating innovations that will allow our people to thrive and move forward. It is our responsibility to those who came before us to carry on the Mattaponi way of life and our responsibility to our children is to build a future that allows them to learn and grow as native people, to give them the opportunity to progress farther than we can imagine. I hope to help create initiatives for educating our Mattaponi youth, providing for our elders, and maintaining our reservation so that all members are welcome and consider it our home and resource for generations to come. I am committed to standing as a pillar for our people, ALL OF OUR PEOPLE, to be their voice regardless of age, gender, skin color, or how far they may live from our traditional homelands. As native people, we are often forced to walk in two worlds, the traditional world of our ancestors and the modern one of today. My goal as a member of council is to find a balance and work with our tribal government and our people to move us forward with integrity and transparency.

Please share your ideas, goals, and concerns with me at

Travis "Wind Walker" Custalow
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