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Tracy "Rose Eagle" Custalow

Tribal Council

I am 53 years old and a proud single mother. I am the great granddaughter of Solomon Custalow, the granddaughter of William G. Custalow and the daughter of Charles B. Manitu Custalow. I am honored to be a Councilwoman for the Mattaponi Tribe. It is an honor to be a part of making the necessary changes and to be a part of making history for the Mattaponi people.

My dream for the Mattaponi Tribe is that the reservation be a place that we are all proud of, a place where family whether it be living on or off the reservation can come to and call home. A place that when people hear our name they know it’s a name of respect and integrity. I want to fulfill what our ancestors worked so hard to try to accomplish. My hope is that as a tribe we ALL come together man, woman and child where we are ALL treated equal and we ALL have a voice.

Please reach out to me with any questions, concerns or any ideas that you may have for the betterment for all members of the Mattaponi Tribe.

Tracy "Rose Eagle" Custalow
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