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Shane “Standing Bear” Custalow

Tribal Council

As a member of your Council, I will work to ensure that ALL tribal members have these same rights and privileges. Having been employed at Custalow’s Cabinets for the last 10 years, I am on the reservation daily and see the need for a change in leadership. As your Councilman, I will work with others to create employment and cultural learning opportunities. I am committed to opening the hatchery and having it be fully operational with educational programs for our children and the public. The hatchery was built on those promises and 25 years later it remains non-operational and closed to all. We must be ecological stewards by restoring our river and creating opportunities for all to learn how to support a healthy environment. This would create educational opportunities for children and families, teaching all how to give back to the river that provides food, while preserving cultural heritage. I was named Standing Bear because I have the courage and strength to face difficulty. The work ahead of us is difficult, but together we will succeed.

I am ready to work for you. Please email me your ideas for how we can work together at

Shane “Standing Bear” Custalow
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