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Sandra "Skywater" Cutalow

Tribal Council

I am very proud of my Mattaponi heritage. I was raised on the reservation for most of my childhood until we relocated with my father Robert Lowell Custalow’s Navy career during the Vietnam War. We were stationed in California and Florida for several years, but we always remained connected to our home and family on the reservation.

I have three wonderful children, Mickie Laree James-Aldis “Free Spirit”, Latoya Natasha James “Star Fire” and Benjamin Quentin Knuckles “Wild Cougar Spirit”and have three beautiful grandchildren Desiree Ann Mundie “Whispering Feather”, Destiny Marie Mundie “Little Star Fire”, and Donovan Patrick Aldis “Elsu Soaring Falcon”. By nature, I nurture and care for others. That is where I find my joy. As a working mother, I was a loving caretaker to Elders. Later, I sought certification to teach children with Autism and special needs. Then I cared for my own mom Irene Claudia Hines “Fire Star” who lived with Parkinson’s Disease. Caring for people is at my heart and soul. I have tremendous love for my family and my extended Mattaponi family.

Our tribal family needs nurturing and love for all members and to have a clear vision of the future from its leaders. I am honored to be nominated for tribal council. Tribal women are central to the tribal family and I will ensure that women have equality in all aspects of tribal participation. As a member of tribal Council, I will work with others in love and harmony to restore our reservation and culture. I want Mattaponi families to work together to make our reservation a place to be proud of and for us to repair our community. I want to build a new and safe playground area, a place for family enjoyment. I would love to see families out fishing and picnicking along the river, members learning to dance and drum or learn crafts in the community center. I would love to see a museum, store, restaurant and a working village. Families need to have the opportunity to claim a lot and move to the reservation. All things are possible and will flourish when members within the family take their rightful place and are nurtured, loved and respected. Together we will enjoy and share our culture while bringing pride back to the Mattaponi tribe.

Sandra "Skywater" Cutalow
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