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Raven “Brightwater” Custalow

Tribal Council

Wingapo nitapewak, necutterwurendg Ohawas, nunawamow Mattaponi.

Hello, my friends, my name is Raven, I come from the Mattaponi.

I am humbled to have been elected for tribal Council and to be a part of the movement that will reestablish honor and tradition to the Mattaponi tribe. Community is at the forefront of indigenous culture and way of life. As your Councilwoman, I will foster a welcoming environment for all Mattaponi people and ensure not only equality but also equity so that we all may prosper together. Cultural knowledge and practices are extremely important to me, and I have spent much of my life learning and teaching others through community engagement with the Eastern Woodlands Revitalization organization that I co-founded. I will bring that knowledge and experience to our people through cultural classes and community events.

Finally, I want to ensure that our new tribal government is a safe place where all Mattaponi citizens have access to voice their thoughts, opinions, and concerns without fear of retribution. It is my hope that you, my relatives, will see the positive change that will come from a new tribal government and want to join me in making this change! Our ancestors have led us here and our future generations are relying on us to provide them with a community they can call home. I look forward to working alongside all of you soon! Please email me your ideas and concerns at

Kenah (thank you)

Raven “Brightwater” Custalow
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