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Jody "Bear" Custalow

Tribal Council

I am Jody Custalow the son of Christine "Rippling Water" and Joseph N. Custalow. Being raised on the Mattaponi Indian Reservation has afforded me many opportunities to learn from my Mattaponi family. Tribal Elders taught me how to net fish, live off the land, and drum to live the Native way. I have been representing the Mattaponi tribe for many years at Pow Wows around the area by proudly being a member of the Wahunsenakah drum group. I am honored and consider it a privilege to serve on the Council of the Mattaponi Tribe. I will work with everyone to ensure that all members are recognized and given equal rights -- no matter where you reside or your gender. I look forward to sharing my cultural knowledge and to pass on my Native skills to others. We need to carry on tribal traditions such as drumming which is the heartbeat of the Mattaponi Tribe. It still beats strong despite efforts of current leadership to suppress progress and equality.

I want to hear what is important to you, as we reunite our tribal family.

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Jody "Bear" Custalow
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