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Gloria "Moonlight" Custalow

Assistant Chief

As your Assistant Chief, I will work hard to build a better future for ALL of our Mattaponi people. Our newly elected tribal leaders will recognize all tribal members, both men, and women, as full members of the Mattaponi tribe with equal rights to vote and participate in our tribe. For the last 35 years, I have been a successful business owner creating jobs and economic opportunities for women. In 2006, I founded a vocational training school to teach essential skills to career-driven students so they too can create their own businesses. I believe in empowering people to rise to the heights of their dreams. I will bring the same dedication and passion to serving the Mattaponi people as your Assistant Chief. All things are possible if we work together, have mutual respect, and are dedicated to our shared commitment to rebuilding our tribal family.

I want to hear from you and your ideas for improving the Mattaponi tribe.

Email me at:

Gloria "Moonlight" Custalow
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